Our Story

Our Story

Hello! Welcome to our first blog post! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Abby! I am the daughter of Amish Home Outdoor's lovely owners Toshi and Beth. I have been working for our family business pretty much since we started in 2017.


eBay to Etsy 

I remember the day Dad came home with the first handmade mailbox from one of our Amish neighbors; he was so excited to promote it and listed it on eBay that week. It took a few weeks, but that mailbox sold! Dad took the time to research how to send a wooden mailbox so that it would arrive to the customer safely, wrapped it up in bubble wrap and cardboard, and sent that little mailbox on its way to its new home! As business started to pick up, we started adding new items to our inventory; birdhouses, bird feeders, wooden trash bins, home decor, etc., and switched to Etsy as our main selling platform!

 Check out our first product here!

A House? Or a Warehouse? 

I remember coming downstairs in the morning to stacks of cardboard boxes in the kitchen spilling out into the living room. I'm pretty sure our mail lady was not too happy with us when the Christmas season came around, so we started loading twenty-some trash bin boxes into our family car (we have a pretty big family) to take to the FedEx store almost every day. Fast forward to 2018 when our house basically became a storage unit for inventory (imagine sitting among rows of birdhouses while watching TV); Mom and Dad made the executive decision to move everything to an empty warehouse down the road (Hallelujah!). 

    Picture proof ;)

That Quarantine Life

2020 hit and BOOM online shopping was a TIME. Since this surge in sales happened in the middle of quarantine, packing and shipping all the orders was only up to a few of us. Let me just say, we were certainly not bored during 2020.'


Present Day Vibes 

Here we are in 2023! We still have our eBay and Etsy sites up and running and now have our very own website. We are excited to share all of our new Amish handmade home & garden finds for the season and are excited about what the future holds! Stay tuned for our upcoming posts and featured products.  Have a blessed day! 

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